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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Have Happy Hour In The Evening...

...but ours is in the morning, after the foo fighters are landed on the dark side of the Moon.
What, you thought Paliens got plastered on green beer? Na. We run our space ships on that stuff.

Here, we have some craft jalapeño sauce from Central America. We don't waste much time on salsa verde, that's like 3.2 beer for you guys.

Some of the real hard stuff like jabañero, poblano, peperoncini, those are like fine liquors for you. The ghost chile molé, now that's like moonshine, my Earthling friends. One sip of the Ghost, and our heads come off and wander the lunar surface without us.

It's so cool we got the Aztecs, Incas, and Maya to grow them for us! We just traded a few pyramids and a short-term stone calendar for half their crop. What rubes!

Ayahuasca, now THAT stuff will have Humans OR Paliens talking to spirits. Literally. It opens up our alternate dimension receptor center in the brain. Turns out you inherited that from one of the really early probings. Don't tell anyone I told you that! Remember the bad probe dreams!

Man, I really need a jalapeño sauce today! Now you know where that saying, "getting sauced" comes from. From being wasted in our flying saucers, of course!

Zazzo out.


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