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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Reptiloid Stealth Ship Discoverd Observing Dog-Fight Between Saucer And Triangle

Here we have what seems to be just a pretty view of the Moon and Jupiter over the Chicago skyline. Note, however, the beam rising out of Lake Michigan, and the curious "double-moon" effect:

Now here's a view in low-infrared. Notice the dark triangle. The triangular Reptiloid craft might have gone completely unnoticed in the LIR scan, if its cooling compensation hadn't been still adjusting to local ambient temperature and over-compensated:

Here's a scan in Palien Green quantum frequency automatically initiated by the observing foo's on-board wet-brain system. Note the change attitude of the stealth triangle due to the time lapse and the stealth ship's maneuver to flee to area:

The "double moon" effect here shows a foo-fighter rising out of Lake Michigan and destroying an ordinary Reptiloid triangle ship just below the Moon from this perspective. One good Kagooz missile, and thar she blows!

Our CFC (Central Foo Command) has been advised of the new stealth triangle, and all foos are being taught to pattern-recognize them in sequential LIR scans. The foos just look for momentary lapses in the triangles' temperature comp systems, and the next one we spot gets the big Kagooz right up the rocket spot!

Zazzo out!