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Sunday, October 21, 2012

So, What Makes Little Green Men Little And Green?

Well, it starts with us being aliens, of course. But what we eat and drink here on Earth also has a lot to do with it. We have an interesting metabolism, and there are only a few things that agree with us here in the lower dimensions.

On Earth, the main food source for us higher beings is something some of your grandmothers would recognize, an heirloom vegetable called the patty pan squash.

It's the perfect balance of Earthly minerals and green energy for little green men with big mental powers. You Earthlings have mostly forgotten about these, but a few people out in the boondocks of your backwater planet still grow them, and even eat them. That's why people see more strange things at night out in the sticks, the patty pan field is out in the country,

As for drinks, we drink margaritas an we also eat limes. It's kind of like the Green Lantern that green energy field food and drink is what keeps our big minds and little bodies multi-dimensional. The best drink on Earth is palien green...

Oh, yeah, buzz my light year!

Zazzo out.



  1. Lush,verdant rural agrarian boondocks yield succulent harvests... we walk harmoniously, with reflection, in the shadows & pale moon light, among the patty pans, the ripe fields & tall trees.
    Beneath an infinite crystal studded canopy lie the silhouettes, & sounds of ancient whispered secrets, which outline this dimension... our country.
    We are aliens... & Green Men

  2. I love it, Casey. Definitely green. You should be doing poetry. We'll talk.