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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Foo-Field Generators & Mommy-Ship Rules...

A fully-energized foo-field generator removes all gravitational, temporal, inertial, and relativistic constraints from our Foo Fighters It kind of shifts us halfway into the next dimension without harming the passengers on the foo-boogie fighter.

Mommy Ship says we can't take the Foos outside the galaxy. Not enough juice.

Ha! I snuck one all the way out to the larger Magellanic Cloud once, on a date with Drizzla, my Palien Flower, my Watermelon of Luv, my sweet Kagooz Nest, my...oops!~

Shh. Don't tell on me, or you will be having bad dreams for the next few decades. Very bad dreams. About probes and bright lights. And if you tell Drizzla I said anything, it will be the oldest Kagooz probes you can imagine in those dreams. Very big. Very rough. Very subliminal and subcutaneous. Got it?

In fact, maybe I should telepathically wipe your memory right now. See the bright shiny greenish-yellow light? See it spinning, spinning, spinning? One, two, three, four...

Zazzo out.


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