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Monday, October 22, 2012

Da Probes.

That's right, we GROW them. In Palien, the probes are known as "kagooz." They were first grown in a remote region of Italy, which at the time was called Etruscea. Italians started eating them, and when one overheard one of us talking about them, the ancient Etruscan word "cagootz" first came into use. A later mis-pronunciation of "stuck in it" resulted in "zuchini."

These things were grown as long ago as when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We were looking for a way to teach the Reptiloids a lesson. That's why they get so big if you let them go.

We only eat these as a last resort. They're kind of like your beef jerky or military rations. They'll do, but they're best for torturing evil enemies.

Zazzo out.


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