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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Bug-Shoe Detective: A Bright Night At The Office... (Continued 5)

Vance stepped out of the Jeep at Tony's place. So far, the scanner had nothing unusual: a traffic stop, a couple of reports of the meteorite falling, but nothing about where it had landed.

Tony's house was a fairly large adobe home, with the curves at the corners and roof line that softened its lines to the eye. It had a three-foot tall adobe wall around the yard. 

Vance could hear music playing out back, and there was a light on inside. That meant that Tony was likely out in his back yard with his telescope and binoculars. That was a hopeful thought for Vance.
Tony was an amateur astronomer, and quite a good one. If he was out back sky-watching, Tony had likely seen the meterorite fall - and that meant he might have an idea where it had landed...

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