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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bug-Shoe Detective: A Bright Night At The Office... (Continued 3)

Vance did use a computer and cell phone. Those were state-of-the-art devices - of course themed in retro-detective - and he knew that they were necessary tools for a modern agency and for research. He also had a very functional pair of Western boots in the 1950's Jeep that he drove.

The Jeep was in perfect condition and had the original motor with mechanical points and a carburetor. If a nuke ever went off, Vance's Jeep would still run. He always carried tools, a blanket, water, a dozen L.E.D. flashlights, a .45, and a World War II camouflage cloth from the old Army Air Corps. If Vance needed to vanish for awhile or be hard to find, he had the means and a few places out in the desert to go to.

Vance McCray was the kind of fellow who believed in being prepared for most things that life could throw at you.

Vance locked up the office and headed Southwest out of town, in the direction he'd seen the green flash. 

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