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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Bug-Shoe Detective: A Bright Night At The Office (Continued 4)

Vance resisted the urge to turn on his favorite radio show - "Coast-To-Coast Radio" as he drove in the direction of the meteorite crash. Instead, he listened to the drone of a portable police radio scanner as he drove. Tonight was a night for driving with the top up on the Jeep. It was too cold to leave the top down so that the night sky could be seen overhead. That was a pleasure reserved for the warm nights of late Spring and Summer.

Vance was actually a Detective for the Luna county sheriff's department. He had a police radio with him, but had gone off duty half an hour before the star fell. He would only turn it on if something urgent came over on the scanner. "I'll drive out to Tony Nightmoon's place and see if he wants to ride out with me to look for the new crater." thought Vance. He'd been friends with Tony since they were little kids.

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