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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Stumping Trump...

You know, when I look at Earth politics, especially the Presidential elections in the USA, I think to myself "At least the evil Reptiloids ARE green instead of chasing green."

Reptiloids are dark green, and are the dark overlords of of the Dark Geenalien Empire. They're not even funny like the Bright Green Alien Federation, or full of snarkasm like my own beloved Palien Green Federation back in the Orion Nebula.

Then I look at US politicians. None of them are green, but almost all of them are chasing in greenbacks, bucks, yankee, baby. They will eat each other faster than a Reptiloid will eat your young, Earthlings.

Well, except maybe Bernie Sanders. I think he could get a Reptiloid's pet lava snark to let it pet him, and even listen while he gave it a lecture on human-exobio relations and technology partnership treaties.

Then there is Donald Trump. He is basically orange, (probably from blood pressure & lack if heart) and already has a lot of green. I swear the guy must have 50 snarkasms a day. Trump could out-snarkasm most Pale Greens I know. Well, except maybe my beautiful Drizzla!

("Snarkasm": 1. A particularly witty sarcastic barb designed to make your political opposition look as idiotic as they obviously are. 2. Getting off on number 1.)

Then there is that whole "wall to keep the illegal aliens out" thing. What is he going to do to keep us or the Reptiloids out?  Build a Stephen King dome and hire the Butterfyd Kindred to maintain it? It's not like he doesn't hire people who aren't from the US, or marry them, for that matter.

You Earthlings sure are a strange bunch. You make pale green aliens look normal!

Zazzo out!

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