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Monday, March 10, 2014

Reptiloid Ship Exits Warp Over Southern Pacific...

We spotted this ship exiting a novoid warp inside Earth's atmosphere over a
remote part of tbe Southern Pacific ocean. This area used to have a
Reptiloid base under the Lemurian capitol city of Lemu.

This is a highly dangerous maneuver. If there were much more carbon in the
atmosphere, it could've caused a carbide-fusion reaction in the atmosphere,
leaving Earth a dried-out, nearly airless red husk of a planet. That's what
happened to Mars about three-quarters of a billion years ago.

They only do this when being chased through a temporal wormhole by an
attacking Serpentid ship. You don't want to meet a Serpentid. They make
Reptiloids look cuddly and nice.

Luckily we had a Foo squadron on maneuvers in the area, so we put a Kagootz
into the Reptiloid ship for you, Earthlings. You're welcome.

Zazzo out!!

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